What Happened to MS Office Job Requirement?

I can recall librarians in my schools talking about how important it was to have experience with Microsoft Office experience for your resume, so much that we took quite a bit of time learning a lot of features for Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Today we would all just laugh at a resume that had this called out, because we assume that anyone can put numbers in a table, type a document, or create a slide show (probably full of horrible animations).

However I have noticed a significant number of people that don’t know how to use some of the most important features of these software. They will make tables with calculated averages, but do the math manually, so when it comes time to update the table all the numbers are wrong. Similarly when it comes to creating a large document, they manually enter in a table of contents, page numbers and page breaks.

These little steps that make life so much easier for everyone should be a requirement for working in today’s industries. It’s not necessary for someone to know how to do it on the fly, but they should know that they should be using these features to reduce the time (and therefore cost) to use these tools.

Written by Mark Schall on 10 July 2015